The immured Catherine

Beautiful Catherine of Landstein fell in love one day with the owner of the nearby Orlík castle, Henry of Dubá. When her husband Čeněk of Wartenberg, lord of Lipnice, learned about it, he had Henry murdered, and then prepared a cruel death for his wife. He placed the corpse of his rival to an alcove in the castle chapel, and then he had poor Catherine chained next to him. Then he finished his horrible work by walling up the alcove. Since then, it’s been said that you can sometimes meet unfortunate Catherine wandering through the castle and looking for her fiancé. In the early 18th century, a walled-up alcove was really discovered during the reconstruction of the castle chapel, with two human skeletons inside. One of them was said to have the remains of the armor on.

The treasure and the third cross

Lipnice conceals the treasure of the lords of Landstein. The treasure is hidden under the third cross. Two of these crosses are carved in the castle gate. Somewhere in the castle there’s the third cross; dig under and you’ll find a secret room, concealing immense wealth. However, the treasure is guarded by a skeleton with diamond eyes; you have to outwit him if you want to lay your hands on the gold. It’s said that the treasure has never been found, and is still waiting underground in Lipnice.

The Black Man

In the beginning of the 19th century, a ploughboy murdered the steward of the domain and his wife, and stole their possessions. To conceal his identity, he blackened his face by the soot. Nevertheless, before the steward’s wife drew her last breath, she came round and roused the servants. The murderer and his two companions were caught in the inn outside the town, splitting up the loot. The ploughboy was sentenced to death on the gallows but he committed suicide in the castle prison before justice was done upon him. The suicide’s soul was denied the salvation, and since that time it appears at the castle from time to time in the form of a black man, looking for liberation from this world.



Once upon a time, Lipnice castle was owned by a cruel knight by the name of Samson. He liked to kidnap young girls from the neighborhood and took them to the castle. When he had enough pleasure with them, he shut them down in the secret underground chamber of one of the towers. The door only opened from the outside, and Samson always carried the key with him. One day, Samson kidnapped another beautiful girl, who already knew what was coming to her. He dragged her to his underground chamber, opened the door and threw her inside, but she managed to get hold of him and draw him in. The door closed and the lock clicked. Samson therefore shared the unfortunate fate of his innocent victims, and the mighty castle tower still bears his name.

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